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Rebel Iscas de pesca Bumble Bug Topwater/Crankbait 3,8 cm (1 1/2 polegadas), 7/7 oz, abelha


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5 avaliações para Rebel Iscas de pesca Bumble Bug Topwater/Crankbait 3,8 cm (1 1/2 polegadas), 7/7 oz, abelha

  1. tibor teleky

    Used it in a small creek. My first lure cought nothing. The bee caught 7 sin fish in minutes. Sun fish were hitting it top water like 5 lbs bass. Had fun.
    Unfortunately the wing was broken, still worked.

  2. Eric Traves

    Great lure, size and switch out the hooks tho trust me

  3. Client d’Amazon

    Tel que décrit

  4. Debbie Brown

    From what ive seen its a very attractive bait, both the “buzz” movement and the bright color. Ive had most of my strikes fishing the main river where i live come from this. Its very light and is a must have in all tackle boxes.

  5. Randy Bo Bandy

    This is an expensive (for its size and purpose), top water popper AND a light suspended diver that you will lose in trees or other structure very quickly if youre not careful. You can hammer this thing spring to fall, and its easy as hell to fish. 4-8 lb mono line, no swivel or clip. June bug is a fish magnet and Ive hooked a few bass as a crank bait under the surface, so you will get reaction strikes. When it comes to panfish, white bass, etc get the timing and conditions right and its nonstop action. The firebug has brown wings and I wish it had more green and bright red wings but we will see how it goes. The bumble bee holds its own but the irridescent green is incredible.

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